Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have no idea what has gotten into me lately, but all of a sudden I feel like having a fling with bows and rhinestones. In my pursuit for inspiration, I came across a room decorated for a tea party princess~
While there is eye candy aplenty, being a mature adult (ok, who am I kidding?), I couldn't see incorporating every last detail into a room in my house, but, there are endless ideas here. Take a peek. . .


  1. Oh Kelly, I love it! I am a self~appointed princess (tee hee hee) and I would love that room!... You know me, fairytales and make~believe are a part of my everyday life at my house... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Julie,

    I know, right? It just might end up taking over my house too~ :D

    "As long as mama's happy...."

  3. Oooh..I love is adorably enchanting...I love the mirror and curtain...everything is dazzling and sweet! Shine rock..this is magnificent!

  4. Kelly...this is so very know BLING IS MY FAVORITE THING!!


  5. oh my goodness Kelly....what a beautiful blog you have! This room, I would die for this! Pink Heaven!!!!!! xOxO


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